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Sunday, 29 January 2017

MONA museum - Hobart Tasmania

During my Tasmania research, I heard about MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) in Hobart and started to wonder if it was OK to take the kids. There are mixed reviews on-line. It was established by a wealthy Tasmanian - who actually made his money through betting syndicates (he is apparently a slightly autistic person with an incredible ability with numbers and probability).

On the MONA Roma - the boat from central Hobart to the museum (cattle class - literally!)

But in the end felt that no trip to Hobart would be complete without this on our to do list. We bought tickets the day before (its high season) and the following day took the purpose built boat - the Mona Roma - over to the museum. You can also arrive by car but the boat is great fun. The kids rushed on board and joined cattle class sitting on some lovely sheep. There is a Posh Pit in the front the boat that we will take next time without the kids. Offering champagne and snacks in further oppulance. But there was great snacks and drinks available in cattle class! The seating is inventive and the level of detail is wonderful from the uniforms that the crew wear to deliberate graffiti.

Scooter Love for my Brother in Law - who runs the Scooter Den
Motoring exhibitions - a "fat" Porche with a real Vienna number plate

We arrived at the purpose built museum which has certainly put Hobart and Tasmania on the map. You accend 99 steps to the museum entrance (I just loved these quirky details). The staff at every point are extremely helpful, friendly and being proactive to make the whole experience a pleasure. Adults are allowed to pick up an ipod which has written and spoken descriptions of the art pieces. There are no descriptions or labels on anything. So with the “O” you click on it and it knows where you are in the museum and then you "touch" the piece or art on your "O" and can choose to read or listen to something about it or read/listen the to “art wank” which was mostly quirky, humerous or insightful. 

It feels predominately modern art but its certainly a mix. Egyptian, to Japanese, to mutli-media - its eclectic, strange but delighting. And where there is any adult or potentially disturbing content there are staff always direct the kids away or warn you.

It is not just the museum but its a whole concept. There are several eating establishments for all tastes. Focusing on the best of Tasmania's food and drinks. As it was Sunday, we were entertained with live music as we took a break on the grass lying on bean bags and enjoying lunch. 

Ron adds to part of the exhibition - now stored in a vault in MONA
Ron's rubbing on stones from the Hiroshima train station
A metal temple in the gardens

All in all MONA was a fabulous day and the weather gods were smiling, which is not always the case in Tassie.

Jumping for Joy at MONA

MONA - just do it!

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