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Friday, 27 January 2017

Cradle Mountain Wildlife

Written from Amelie's verbal description......

Hello Everybody,

We are now at Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. First when were walking and saw only wombat poo. No wombats! Then we had spaghetti for dinner. Then we went walking and mummy saw a wallaby in front of our house. I was so amazed I ran back inside and told Papa and Marlene. Papa and Marlene went quickly out with me and wanted to know where the wallaby was. Marlene and I walked up to the wallaby but the wallaby was too scared so we did not walk any closer.

Then when we wanted to look for more wallabies or wombats, we walked till we saw a jumping wallaby skipping across the path. Papa wanted to look where it was going. We went to the wombat sign and looked, then we walked to the road and mama said we will never see a wombat. 

Then we walked on a open area and Marlene saw a brown thing and a black thing. I thought it was a platypus. But then we went nearer and saw a baby wombat and a mummy wombat. I was so impressed. Then we went nearer. When we were very near we stopped as Mama said they could smell us. So Marlene and papa wanted to find some snakes. I followed them and asked what are you doing.


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