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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Canberra - but wait there is more. Day 2 and 3 in review....

Dressing up at the old Parliament House

Energised by our lovely outdoor lunch at the National Library, we wandered over to the old Parliament House. It is a glorious old building and as we learned completely symmetrical. It has recently been restored and has most of the original features. Glorious custom made furniture (which apparently cost the complete original budget alone). The total building cost was 4 times the original estimate! I adored the art deco lamps and decorations which complemented the entire building. As we wandered around we cheekily joined in a tour and the guide was informative and entertaining. Which seems to be the case for all the guides we encountered. So recommend joining a tour for some more insights and planning more time there. There is a kids discovery section which is more for younger kids but ours both enjoyed it. The highlight for me was their “Punch and Judy" show with the wooden images on sticks of Julia Gillard and Tony Abbot! If only I had filmed that - we could be You Tube stars.

View back to the War Memorial
New Parliament House
New Parliament House

Further up the hill we visited the “new” Parliament House. After visiting both chambers we then rolled down the hill. Two long grass hills flank the building and at present it is still open to the public. But with increased terrorist threats, there are plans to block it off. So we might be one of the last hill rollers before the public is no longer allowed access.

It was them a bus home to avoid an uprising! We certainly reached any step targets that day.

Dinner was a picnic in the park next to the hotel - a perfect way to end the day. Ron joined us later after going for a run around the lake and encountering a kangaroo the same size as him. Apparently a “husch, husch” (the German equivilient of what I would term woossy shooing) was not comprehended. Eventually he manoeuvred his way past the beast and arrived sweaty and with a good bed time story. Unfortunately no photographic evidence.

The Rollers Hill - but not for long

Family Photo
The next morning we met my god-mother at a lake side park and saw a large mob of Kangaroos up close. Very exciting to view them in their natural habitat. Not to waste any time, it was off to competitive game of Put-Put golf. Which kept the spirits up after a day of museums. It was a lovely time and Sam joined us for a second round - as all were having so much fun. There were horrid lime milkshakes and ordinary coffee as well. But then we enjoyed a lovely late lunch at the local yacht club and had delicious fish and chips by the lake. I wore my first glass of white wine but was able to enjoy the second one.

We could not fit in anymore that day and relaxed in the hotel with some TV ready for an early start Friday to drive somewhere between Canberra and Melbourne.

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