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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Museums - our latest find!

Now that school is back, we can resume with our somewhat regular blogging program!

The holidays (I hesitate to call them summer holidays) were action packed. But on a gloomy weekend we headed to Bremerhaven to a musuem. We swapped our dog for another child, so a full car and competitive renditions of Nossa - Ai Se Eu Te Pego. The number one Brazilian hit on the radio at the moment.

Its called the Kilmahaus (Climate house). Bremerhaven is located at longitude 8 degrees east. The musuem takes you on a jouney along this longitudinal line. It completely engages all the senses except taste (but we made up for that later with an ice cream).

Between each country there is a journey to be taken. The first was a walk along railway lines with video images flashing by. It was just like sitting on a train. We then arrived in Switzerland. After milking a cow and watching an avalanche we travelled to Sardinia. We were like ants, with everything giant sized including a can of coke!

It was then onto Niger in the desert and a searing 35+ degrees. Boy it was hot. We were all sweating. Then for hot and wet in Cameroon with the most fantastic tropical fish in several huge aquariums. To move from country to country we walked down a star lit passage or pushed through meters of long clear hose pipe, like fighting a huge jelly fish. Each journey unique and unexpected.

In each country we "visited" locals and learned about thier life in their country through interactive and various multimedia exhibits. The kids were given a passport that they could stamp in each place and also needed to answer some questions. They were running around like crazy and loved the challenge. We also visited Samoa, Antarctica and Alaska. Antarctica is COLD! It was then back to the tidal sea in Germany where the kids got stuck on a grass island until the tide changed. Luckily was about 6 minutes not 6 hours that we needed to wait.

All were rewarded with an ice-cream. There was so much information to absorb and given the heat and cold it was a full body experience.

Beware visitors! Your visit to us might include a day trip to the Klimahaus.

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