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Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Birds

It was just like the Alfred Hitchcock film, except I was not worried about getting my eyes gouged out. My main concern was a "lucky" poops landing on me. Although I would not have felt so lucky to be honest.

There must have been thousands of birds overhead. At one stage it was like a huge black noisy cloud overhead. I think they are attacking trees en-mass to eat any cherries remaining or what ever is available.

In any case, it was a pretty amazing scene. It also reminded me that I need to clean up out front door step. We recently discovered a nest under the roof of our house.

It is a family of tiny "Schwalben" (Swallows). They travel to the Northern Hemisphere in the summer months to breed and eat flies and bugs. There are babies in the nest as we can hear them chirping away. There is also poo all over our front door and window ledges.

My parents in laws have many nests at their farm in Austria. They are apparently considered good luck -  birds and luck - who da thought it? I guess its only luck if you are not a fly, bug or standing underneath one at a crucial moment.......splat! 

In the northern winter they travel south to Africa to keep warm. A long way to travel for such a small creature. Although sweet, I'll be happy for them to be on their way, so I can have my front door area bird poop free. I am thinking to call in the fire men to remove the nest, its very high up and I am sure our "neighbours" would be willing to help. Yep, we have the Fire Station as neighbours -  keep your hats on girls!

Ok voting is open. KEEP NEST or REMOVE IT ?????

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  1. Hmmm... remove it! What can I say: I wouldn't be able to afford the dry cleaning bills..