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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Fairy Floss and Toffee Apples = Estebrugger Markt

The other weekend it was the Estebrugger Markt. Its one of the biggies in the Estebrugge calendar! There is the Schutzenfest (in spring) and the Markt. The whole place gets involved. Then we hunker down for the long winter.

Saturday opens the weekend with a children's flea market. The kids set up their stands to sell pre-loved toys, books, shoes and anything else kiddie related. Of course they have already spent their cash windfall before its even earned. There was also swapping and give aways to friends. Being in the heart of the village our house doubled as the local toilet and refreshment area! A few photos before the rush of the afternoon. There was a pizza and crepe stall and several side show alley games and a mini carousel. I should have charged the kids a small fee to take Goldie for a walk - would have made a killing!

The local shop owned by a Turkish couple made kebabs which were delicious. I tested it twice to make sure.

My girls were temped by the sweet things. Fairy Floss rules!

Given we are living in the land of apples, there were lots of toffee apples being consumed.

This is what it looked like outside our front door. You see those kids working for their money?!?

 The evening kicked off with a local band featuring Marlene's English teacher as the drummer.

The kids danced the first set and had lots of fun.

I tested Silvia's cocktail bar! She is our Tagesmutter (Day care Mum), who is much loved by both my girls. She made a mean Caipirinha ;-)

This is our 3rd Markt weekend and we are closely involved by default. Our neighbour, the fire station, hosts the disco. Its really gets going about midnight and it finishes up about 5-6am in the morning. There is an element of if you can't beat them - join them. But when you have little kids waking up at the normal hour and husband also away, it really hurts when you have a hangover and your mother in law is due to arrive at 9.00am. So there was a certain amount of restraint on my behalf. This is what it looked like outside my front door as I made my way home.

We had outsourced one child and a dog (who we thought might bark all night at people outside the door), and I fell asleep to the doff, doff beat. I was then up bright and early to welcome my in-laws.

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