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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Australia is BIG

This Friday, I start a new Australian Animal Elective at the local junior school. I have 11 kids in the class and looking forward to see how the dynamics play out. There are a few boisterous ones, so will have to keep them in check...somehow!

I have some materials I can adapt and re-use but in the first week I wanted to give a sense of how big Australia is. I found this map, which is in fact demonstrating why Australia has no Autobahn. Germany is the yellow thumb print like shape with blue lines and dots.

I was pretty blown away by the map as it says it is to scale. I really hope the kids like it.

I know Australia is big having flown across it for hours and hours, many, many times. We also learnt at school that it the biggest island in the would but smallest continent. But I also thought Germany is quite large having driven from top to bottom (Ok that was with my kids in the car, which can make any journey seem long). I also have to admit that I have lived in much smaller European countries where you can stretch your arm out the window and need a passport! So maybe I have lost some perspective being "away" for so long.

Hope you enjoy the sense of perspective.....Australia is BIG.

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