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Monday, 29 October 2012

Hamburg Freezers

You could be mistaken that I am talking about the weather, but in fact I am talking about the local ice hockey team...The Hamburg Freezers! We watched a home game on the weekend. 

They came onto the ice through a huge ice hockey helmet. It was very atmospheric. The Hamburg Freezer fans were going crazy at this stage. Yelling and cheering their team before they had even touched the puck. They had "FREEZERS" written up on the screen in a burning font.

Ronald bought tickets to take his visiting brother in laws. I ended up joining the gang. We were in the 2nd row, so could hear and feel every bump and bruise. They smashed up against the protective glass many times. I ducked my head under my handbag and spilt my beer - not attractive. The fact that a "fix it" man with a hammer came by a few times did not add to any sense of security. 

I am really still not sure of the rules or how the players know when to come on and off, which appears very ad-hoc. The umpires were entertaining as they tried to dodge the puck and more importantly aggressive players with long sticks. Seriously I would have been happier with a helmet...and these were the more expensive seats.

The game ended in a draw and went into overtime. Then it was best of 5 goal attempts. It was still a draw then it was sudden knock out. The Freezers won!

There was additional entertainment. The boys enjoyed the ice cleaning ladies ;-). All in all a fun evening - GO FREEZERS!

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