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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Awesome Autumn

We are at winter temperatures. I just played rock, paper, scissors with Ron to see who takes the dog out this evening. Even if I lost, I probably would have pretended to have some immediate illness preventing me from going out in the dark and cold.

BUT, during the Autumn school break, our place became a Bed and Breakfast. It also transformed into a lunch, dinner and snack establishment. Half the Hamedl clan came to visit. In a vain attempt to try to even up the tally my cousin and her two girls came over in the 2nd week. It was lots of fun and we have almost recovered ;-).

Ron and some of his relatives on a local walk. The trees are now bare.

My girls in Hamburg for a day trip. Say "cheese"!

In Hamburg we found a shop that sold a myriad of rubber ducks - we now have one in our bath tub. After bringing it home we discovered it was the Playboy duck. Carefully selected from about 200 ducks by my little one due to the big red duck lips and fluffy top part of the dress!

Hamedl Group Therapy - waiting for the ferry back to "our" side of the Elbe.

Ecki. Friday with the boys in Hamburg. I was the driver. There was a hole in the wall behind Ecki that was surrounded by a gold frame - cool idea. A very eclectic bar with great music.

 A body slam from youngest to oldest Hamedl cousin.

"Walk like an Egyptain" - along the Elbe. Or the alternative title: "I'll do it MY WAY".

The Hyde Side cousins with Hamburg's Alster in the background - they did not want their photos taken and they are not yet teenagers.

"Underwater" in the Klimhaus, Bremerhaven - self portrait.

The day trip finished up perfectly with a visit to the outdoor markets in Bremen and a ride on this gorgeous nostalgic carousel.

Bye Bye Autumn.
Hello Winter.

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