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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A rose by name and nature

The roses have bloomed! There are some spectacular examples as we stroll through the village. There were several months of expectation with buds and small bits of green popping up. But now the place is a veritable forest! The barren grey landscape that we walked for months and months is completely transformed.

This is Sabines house with the most enormous climbing rose covering the front of the house.

Its almost 3 stories high and seems to be too heavy to be clinging onto the house but somehow it is hanging in there!

I imagine this was once the front door but now a lovely garden display with very full pink roses climbing each side framing the door nicely.

Hard to capture, but this is part of more than 10 metres of rose bushes growing along the side and fence of this house. Just stunning. Something to put on smile ones face each day ;-) ....even if we are still waiting for a fully fledged summer to arrive.

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