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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Like Buda and Pest - America and Russia unite!

The other weekend Ron and I travelled to Budapest. Actually we stayed mostly on the Pest side as we were having a kids free weekend. Having lived 3 years in Budapest in the Buda hills, we know where the action happens....Pest Baby!

This was where we stayed..the 2 week old Buddha-Bar hotel. Its at the great location on the corner of Vaci Utca and the Erzsébet híd (Elizabeth bridge). A gorgeously renovated building with a "matching" building on the other side of the road. Although our side was far superior than the seedy casino opposite. We even when to the Buddha-Bar attached to the hotel which was cool if not yet well frequented.

We caught up with Stella and Christopher from Finland who had also decided on a childless weekend. Stella and I wore coordinating dresses to the wedding.....

Oh yes the reason we were there...a wedding. An American (our friend Liam, formally known as the "7th wheel") and Russian combination. They looked a sweet couple and the ceremony was in the Russian Orthodox Church.

This is when they walk around 3 times with the best man and lady behind them holding crowns above their heads. This was towards the end of the ceremony and they had been holding those crowns for a good half hour.

We did not understand anything but it was a lovely with lots of Russian chanting and excessive incense.

Finally we left the church with the newly married couple and were off on a boat ride along the Danube.

But first there were photos in the height of the afternoon heat. It was a superb day. Maybe too hot for some, but us Northeners loved every scorching minute of the weekend.

Whilst at the reception the "Floating Bus" went by. The tour started up as we were leaving Budapest. We never went on it as we were too worried about how to swim to shore with our young kids. But I managed to take a pic as it floated by the reception boat, surreal.

All in all a fantastic weekend. And we must say Budapest is looking great. They have really cleaned up the place, so can only recommend it for super city break. We hope to be back again soon. Szia!

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