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Monday, 16 July 2012

A bit of Jazz and Laurie

Last night we saw Hugh Laurie (aka Dr House) and his Copper Bottom Band. It was in the lovely Hamburg Stadt Park (city park). A place we had not vet visited. A great city park that is well worth more time in good weather and when you are not running late to find the concert venue. In a small corner of the park there is the stage surrounded by very tall hedges and trees. It was an intimate outdoor venue, so perfect for a blues/jazz/comic performance.

We passed several groups seated on a grassy verge outside the venue with picnics and BBQ's to just hear the concert and avoid paying the entry fee. In true German style the beer was flowing and the curry-wurst overpowering the senses...although we did not let the smell of fried substances lure us into buying one! But the beer, well, when in Rome! There were a few close calls with the clouds sprinkling rain from the heaven but it was just that - a few drops.

The stage was arranged like a living room, with overhead chandelier, a curious display of lamps and even a persian rug by the piano. Midway Hugh arranged a whiskey round for the band to ensure all were well lubricated. Each song was premised by some Hugh ramblings which were quite humorous. In fact the whole band seemed to enjoy playing together, so a very relaxed and funny evening.

The outdoor stage has a summer line up that includes The Pogues, Simple Minds (we can't forgot about them..haha), Norah Jones and someone called Lotto King Karl. Something for every taste.

This ended a week of performances. Last Sunday we saw over 200 locals perform in a marathon 3 hour long dance show. It was held together with a Alice in Wonderland theme and the Mad Hatter searching for his hat. Aged from 5 to over 50 everyone put in 100% effort in their tap, jazz, modern and other dance routines. Here is the whole cast at then of the show. M now wants a pair of tap shoes. I said we would need to find lessons but she firmly believes that with only the shoes he feet will Move like Jagger or possibly Ginger Rogers ;-)

And last but no least M performing in her MUTical called Paula's Dream. Each class danced to a different part of the dream.

Her class were the "square" part of the dream, so did lots of geometric moves.

Here is the whole school to receive the applause they deserved. M is in the middle of the photo at the front.

Next week we are back in Hamburg for a Balkan Brass Band play this space!

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