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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The tails of Yin and Yang

Here are Yin and Yang. Otherwise known as Ziggie and Goldie. They are related - not just sharing some labrador origins but they have the same mother (Sandy). They have different fathers, which is probably quite obvious and we won't talk anymore about that. They are about 2 years apart, Ziggie being the older step brother. Ziggie belongs to my parents in law and Goldie is our doggie. 


Goldie was born in Austria, grew up in Budapest before moving near Hamburg. Here she is sleeping on the overnight train from Vienna to Hamburg.

Goldie is now on holidays in Burgenland, Austria before traveling to her new home in Frankfurt. She is a European traveller and fond of other animals. Here she is licking a sheep. I am sure she is just being friendly and not wondering what it might taste like!

She is also fond of the cows as they have similar colourings. She often gives them a good lick on the nose and cheek. They don't seem to mind.

She likes chasing the farm cats - but has toned down this activity in the last few weeks. I suspect the cats now taunt her a little. But they know all the escape routes. Anyone who knows Goldie will be surprised at this photos: dog and cat so close to each other.

In Estebr├╝gger she was known as the "dorf hund" or village dog. She was regularly walked by various neighbourhood kids and was more well known than ourselves in the village. Here she is getting some love and attention she lacks at home. She is NEVER allowed on the chair at home - poor thing!

Ziggie is dearly loved in his home town and visits local friends for an extra snack or meal and in winter likes to visit for a cosy nap by the fire at someone else's house! Being part of the farm and B&B he is one of the reasons families return year after year as the kids just adore him and he soaks up the attention. Who can not resist those gorgeous eyes and his George Clooney salt and pepper hair?

Even Goldie wants to give him a kiss.

But most of all they love going for walks. There is a lot of jostling to begin with as they determine that Ziggie is still the boss. Then they get on with their business of sniffing, snuffling and marking territory. They love going through the fields where there are smells of little field mouses, birds to chase and simply lots of fun to be had.

Goldie is not fond of water (screwed up Labrador DNA) but is OK to have a drink en-route. Ziggie regularly takes a dip mid walk. Now that the water is so low in the streams he just sits down in the muddy puddles to cool off. The advantages of being a farm dog!

This is a typical scene from our walks. Side by side down the road, keeping under the speed limit and looking for mischief and a snack.

Exhausted after a walk, Goldie stretches out on the cool stones.

Ziggie is even more exhausted as his tongue flops out of his mouth and he remains in the following position for the next few hours.

This post is for Billie. A four legged friend of Goldie from her Budapest days. Billie is now in doggy heaven and will be terribly missed.

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