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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Este Moods

I grew up close to the sea. In Sydney you are usually just a walk away from water - be it the harbour or the beach. Water plays a huge role in Australia's image. From the land of beaches or deserts the size of small European countries. There are the water restrictions, but then floods. Its truly dynamic.

Three years ago we had the chance to live on a river and we jumped at it (and later in it). Although not Manly Beach or Sydney was moving water. And moving water has moods - I like that. There is nothing like watching water, there is always something to observe and enjoy.

Here is a winter mood. Huge ice blocks floating down the river and crashing into the sides and to the large metal palings by the bridge. Its a pretty loud crashing and crunching noise.

High tide in autumn and a couple of swans.

A spring afternoon walk - finally the sun appeared after more than a day of rain. I think it was worth the wait to see the sun push through the clouds.

Up close and personal - on the river in our canoe Molly.

Another canoe shot from our garden as they paddle upstream to Buxtehude. Goldie observes but is not interested in jumping in. Thank goodness we have a labrador that is not fond of water.

Fun in the snow and very cold in the water - only small pieces of ice on the surface. A snowman waving hello.

A huge barge on the river as the bridge opens to let it through. Fire station boat in foreground. Never a dull moment!

A moody autumn day at high tide and reflections.

A hot summer day and some cool customer in sunnies floats by!

Hot day, high tide and my kids dive into the Este.

And two crazy guys jumping from the bridge.....

We loved our piece of the Este, it was always changing - which is the only constant in life.
Goodbye for now.

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