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Monday, 7 January 2013

Helmet Hair

The revolution of helmets whilst skiing is a double edged sword. Of course it has probably prevented many accidents. In fact since wearing a helmet I am surprised at the number of times I have managed to bump it whilst getting in/out of the cable car. Hitting my skies against it...and these are just a a couple of examples.

At the best of times I suffer from bad hair at least once a week. I have this special hair that between 3.30am - 4.30am tranforms itself into something to rival Medusa. Anyone that has seen me before a shower in the morning can attest to this strange but true phenomenon. Helmets have certainly not improved this situation.

Helmets can look sweet, especially if they are on the heads of my daughters!

My husband chooses to wear a helmet whilst drinking - preventing any foreseeable injury.

An example of why I should have kept my helmet on during a break - even if the weather was fantastic and the fact that I had washed my hair but a few hours previously.

This persons hair seems impervious to the effects of "The Helmet" - how can we have any similar hair DNA?

An upside of the helmet is that I can try to take a cool photo of the mountains in the background.

 It can also be used as the starting point of reindeer horns.

So folks, remember to be safe of the slopes and wear that bad hair with pride....hopeful of summer time when you can then transform effortlessly to sunhat hair :-(

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