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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Can a snowboarder of more than 20 years transform to a skier?
You be the judge.

During our recent ski holiday Ron Snowboarder decided to take up skiing to:
1.  Ski with his daughters and,
2.  He claimed not be to fit enough or was that too old for the board.

Although he clicked on the skis, I sensed that the snowboarder was just under the surface. They say a snowboarder never dies, his gloves just smell that way. A reminder not to breath deeply when someone  (especially a snowboarder) takes off their old skanky gloves in the cable car.

The camera never lies, so I decided to document Ron's journey from snowboarder to skier.

A photo documentary: 
Snowboarder to Skier - learning to stand on ones own legs.

Ron uses a typical snowboarder pose to soak up the sun and snow and wait for me to fiddle around with the camera located it in one of my jacket's 7 or more pockets.
(Please note that every other skier in the background is in the upright position).

Caught relaxing in the shade of the snow machine.

Looking sexy on the slopes.

He even had the audacity to teach the next generation of skiers how to laze about in the snow.

Finally in the standing position.

Here are father and daughter in what could be called a typical ski pose....both do not look over excited. I sense in a few years we will have a break away cell of snowboarders in the family, who can spend more time lazing about on the snow.

I will retreat to sipping warm Egg Nog with whipped cream (locally referred to as Snow White or Schneewittchen) - the drink de jour in the Dolomites!

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