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Friday, 11 May 2012

Frohe Osterm

Oh, nein! I hear the German speakers sigh. She spelt Ostern (Easter) wrong. Its Ostern NOT Osterm.

But Osterm is what the sign I bought at my local DIY shop had one it. Exhibit A.

In an attempt to decorate my house in "Easter style" as is the done thing in this neck of the woods, I quickly purchased something to hang in our window. M arrived home from school just as I had hung it up. I was proud to show off my small attempt at home decorating (not one of my strong points) when she pointed out the spelling mistake. Oh well, thats what you get for Euro1.90 and "Not made in Germany".

I persevered and kept the Easter decoration up. Sometimes it seems like I am just waiting for the "you have been dupped" team to jump out with a camera. The problem is that they would be jumping out several times a day. When I get over it I may reveal to you the Euro 6,000 mistake...but I am still recovering from that screw up!

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