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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The first outing of the season...

Here are the girls dressed for the inaugural canoe trip of 2012.
With a balmy 13.2 degrees Celsius, they headed up stream to Buxtehude in our canoe called Molly. Living on a tidal river, the Este, means that the windows of opportunity occur every 12 and a half hours or so. The Este river runs off the Elbe (big river going into/out off Hamburg). Buxtehude is about 5km away, so about 40mins paddling with our lot. 

The girls are both aboard and young "A" you may have noticed is methodically testing her whistle. Whilst  "M" in the following picture struggles with her canoe paddle, having forgotten which way to use it since last year! OK, she was trying to push out, but got it all a bit mixed up.

There they are, off on adventure....well actually for coffee and croissants in Buxtehude whilst waiting for the tide to turn then paddle back with the outgoing water. When its a few degrees warmer we will upgrade to an ice-cream stop. I am on car duty the first time to bring back anyone who does not want to paddle back or sit still in the canoe...any guesses who that could be?

The nutella croissant gave "M" enough energy to paddle home. But "A" decided to come in the car with me and "help" cook lunch. The others arrived home well overdue (they did some detouring) to a lunch that was all cooked....perfect timing on their part.

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