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Friday, 30 December 2016

Visiting Friends

Dear Everybody,
I know I did not write such an interesting blog last time, but I hope this one will be more entertaining.
Yesterday we went to friends that we saw last time we went to Australia. Their house is beautiful and they have two dogs and lots of beautiful fish. The highlight of the day was feeding the wild kookaburra family that that sat on the balcony railing and screeched for food. They also had a pool we are allowed to swim in this time.
Adrian had made some little snacks such as sausage rolls that were AMAZING !!!!! 
Next we went to get changed for the pool in the bathroom… with two lovely spiders.

Amelie was screaming her head of and in the end one of the spiders was dead but the other one…shiver.
The pool was so cool but of course something had to go wrong…it was my swim suit.
I forgot it! 
The food was so good and still after 24 hours I was still not hungry. For the staters we had gnocchi and then we had lovely meat and the dessert. I had two portions. 
The two dogs Molly and Maxi were mistreated, Adrian and Inge took them in. Maxi and I had great time playing.

This is Inge and Adrian with one of Inge´s paintings.

XOXO Marlene  

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