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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Random Stuff

When you are waiting for a big thing to happen to "blog" about it. Months go by and there are no big things, just life. So here's to getting back to blogging from time to time about stuff. Everyday stuff with friends and family - which is special enough.

Halloween in Geneva was fun - OK I was very tame on the facial make up. In fact Miss M was my makeup artist, so blame her. Never the less, we scared half the Geneva population in Grand Saconnex that evening!

You are never too young to experiement with the current craze of "selfies" and see how many chins you can create. Almost as many as your age?

There were some proud moments when our Ginergerbread house did not completely cave in - the power of melted sugar. The most important part being that about the same number of smarties that made it onto the roof also made it into the mouths of the decorators.

My local walks were so enjoyable at the end of last year. I can not decide if I like autumn or spring better. Will wait and see what spring brings in our new city.

Bright red bushes and a dog. Now its all dull and grey, but there are signs that spring it on its way.

Sometimes sisters are best friends, sometimes.

A dog for a day. Whilst walking in the Jura we were adpoted by a dog. He was really friendly and in the end we really had to scare him away to stop him following us on the train home. The only issue was that he would go bounding up to other people he saw with great enthusiasm. Then they got angry at us thinking it was our dog.

Local forest walk with in-laws and crazy kids. A fun afternoon ending in hot chocolate. One benefit of living in a cold climate is that hot chocolate tastes so much better when your hands are numb.

Thanks for reading - until something big happens or some stuff!

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