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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Feeling hot and bothered?

It was a long winter here in Europe. Spring certainly took its time coming. For a few days here and there it seemed as if spring was on its way. Then BAMM, another cold front arrived and the heating stayed on. Now we have had weeks of rain and some serious flooding in Europe.

Yesterday they had a call in session on the radio where people could speculate what the big yellow thing in the sky it had not been seen for so long!

So now the hot and bothered people are coming out. Driving around yesterday, they were honking their horns whilst being stuck in traffic with the sun beating down on their car.

I came across these photos I took with my phone camera whilst walking at the end of February. It was a cold and frosty morning.

There was lots of eery mist, which I recall being around for most of the day. Don't you just feel cooler looking at the photos?

Here is my attempt at an artistic shot as I passed by the cemetery. There is a huge and beautiful tree in the middle of the local cemetery. I can't say I was anti-cemeteries but would not have chosen to walk through one. Walking through our local cemetery is a short cut between home and school, so I have been a local visitor! Rather than being creepy its actually quite relaxing. There are always a few people bringing some flowers or tending the plots, planting, trimming or watering the little gardens. Where there is death there is life.

Come on feel the chill...its the type that just goes straight to your bones.

These are our local whomping that book/movie!!!

And the first signs that a change is on the way.

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