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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Green Room

They say the grass is always greener, and it certainly was last weekend. Our oldest daughter was in the Snow Queen - a ballet by the local ballet school with over 200 performers.

This is the green room - literally. It's usually a classroom in the local high school but it is where the grass hung out whilst waiting to perform.  Here they are all lined up in the backstage corridor getting ready to perform.

As they were there for more than 3 hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the grand performances, there was lots of grassing around. Hands up who likes grass?  

Although completely biased, I must say the grass group did an excellent job. They were 2 grass down but performed their dance perfectly -  it looked like no one was missing. Very professional. Each member knew their dance and so no one let the group down. Here they are on stage. They worked as a group, then broke out into 3 groups, back again etc. Excellent choreography, crappy photography.

Hand ups for the grass!

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